Van Nicholas Testimonials


"Since purchasing a made to order Van Nicholas Euros last year I have;

Sold my car

Lost 8 kilos

Won my criterium point score and

Doubled my kilometre count

The bike has done over 5000 fairly hard k's under my 90 kg frame, including being hit by a car and I have made two adjustments to the rear derailuer as the total amount of maintenance.

If a smooth yet responsive ride is your go and you want one bike you cam hammer day in day out without a whimper, then it may worth looking at a Van Nicholas."

Peter Bird  




"I was looking for a comfortable road bike with endurance geometry and a forgiving ride.  While I had researched and test ridden a lot of endurance road bikes (carbon, aluminium and chromoloy) at different levels of spec (Sora to Ultegra and equivalent SRAM drive trains), none of them looked the part for me.  They always featured lurid colours and overly bright paint schemes. 

That said, I was nearly sold on a full carbon 105 equipped road bike from a premium brand when I stumbled across some reviews of Van Nicholas  titanium road bikes online.  The Zephyr stood out as it was designed with comfort and long days in the saddle in mind.  The tall head tube and vertically compliant seat stays in particular were strong selling points.  

I contacted Gabriel from Blue Globe Alliance, who helped me decide on the appropriate bike for my needs at the level of spec that I was after (and for a decent price).  I took the plunge and ordered a Zephyr 105 through a local bike shop.  Once I received the bike (it took a little while due to inventory delays, but it was worth the wait) the comfort and ride quality  of the Zephyr's titanium frame was equal to the carbon bikes I had ridden.  Moreover, the overall bike weight for the VN Zephyr was comparable with the 105-equipped carbon bike that I had nearly bought.  The Zephyr suits my personality and tastes and is joy to look at and a joy to ride.  Who could ask for more? 

 I found Gabriel at Blue Globe Alliance to be friendly and easy to deal with as well as providing surprisingly good after sales service despite being based in another state.  If you like the look of VN  titanium bikes contact Gabriel at Blue Globe - he'll fix you up."

Denis Davey 



 "I wanted to upgrade from my 4 year old Lemond and get a bike that might help in recreational riding and the ocasional crit. While a good carbon bike seemed the obvious choice and I did look at the Colnagos and others, I settled on wanting titanium and then the choice came down to which one. I wanted something a little unique and perhaps a little uncommon without sacrificing on quality.

I found the Van Nicholas, read a couple of reviews and then contacted Gabriel. He soon had me test riding an Astreaus with SRAM Force. It felt good, seemed to fit right (I had also previously had a professional bike fit with Ben Ward to ensure I bought the right size bike.) I bought the Astraseus and haven't looked back.

The Astreaus goes like the wind, responds to attack, goes where you point it and is a good for a 100km ride to boot.

My crit race has improved, I won a couple of races and moved up A grade. I'm more of a diesel engine and not a sprinter but I'm now finishing with the pack, something I used to struggle with.

There have been a couple of minor issues with wheels and saddle that Gabriel has responded well with good friendly service.

I am really happy with the frame and ride.

Minor issues with the titanium skewers being not clamping tight enough and the seat clamp mechanism is too clunky and doesn't hold its position for me as a heavier rider.

Recommend the Van Nicholas brand and Blue Globe for the service."

Scott Smith 

Brisbane QLD


" I am very happy with the performance and feel of the Van Nicholas frame.  Especially the above average finish of the welds and the smooth good looking base the frame provides for the bike. The ergonomics of the Amazon are well suited to the touring/commuting  role for which I bought the bike. Van Nicholas are one of the few bike builders that provide the flexibility to customize a titanium bike frame at a reasonable cost. The Rohloff hub and belt drive also add to the smooth feel of the bike and the ease of maintenance is a real bonus.


Purchasing the bike through Gabriel at Blue Globe made the whole experience very satisfying. The ability to tailor the bike to my requirements with lots of options was exactly what I was looking for. The prompt responses to my questions and detailed updates of the progress of the build made the whole process stress free. The bike arrived well packaged and assembled in the time frame and cost that had originally been quoted. Overall I would recommend purchasing a bike through Blue Globe and will look to Gabriel when I need a new bike, although this one will probably last a very long time. "

Richard Angeli



" For several years I'd been dreaming of my new road bike project.  Not being rich and requiring a 71 degree seat tube,  I required a custom frame that would last many years, so it would have to be titanium rather than carbon.  I came across Van Nicholas when a friend purchased a Chinook.  He said it climbed well, descended like a rocket and handled like his favourite old Colnago Master.  Not only that, its pricing was extremely competitive and it came with a lifetime warranty.  That all sounded good to me so my friend gave me Gabriel's contact details.

I was very impressed with the service.  All my questions were answered promptly, and when I submitted my design I was forwarded the blueprint to inspect within a couple of days.  I ended up having to make several adjustments to my design but no one seemed to mind how many times I resubmitted, just as long as the end result was perfect for me.  And the service after delivery was second to none.

I now own a fully custom made Chinook.  As my friend said its a beautiful ride, fast yet smooth.  Its gorgeous to behold and stands out from the sea of carbon everyone else rides.  Buying my bike has been a very satisfying experience and the end result did not disappoint."

Phil Peh




" Would just like to pass on my thanks following the purchase of my Van Nicholas. Great communication through out and I appreciated the SMS photo you sent through prior to delivery, it was a great touch! I looked at a wide range of Cyclo Cross bikes prior to the Van Nicholas and have been extremely happy with my choice. The bike not only looks fantastic but, also rides equally as impressive. A definate 'bike for life' "

Dean Jones

Mount Barker 



"After much consideration and countless nights spent surfing the net I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try a 29'er . Further research led me to Van Nicholas as an alternative to boring big brand  options . I phoned Gabriel ( Blue Globe Alliance ) who enthusiastically and passionately  discussed components and various options offered by Van Nicholas . Having owned an assortment of carbon , aluminium and steel hard and softtails, I can honestly say my Zion 29 er is the bike best suited to my riding style and terrain . It's awesome and I look forward to every ride!  

Thanks Van Nicholas and Blue Globe"

Alex Foord : cyclophile and 29'er convert



" I recently purchased a Van Nicholas Rohloff equipped tourer, the Pioneer, from Gabriel at Blue Globe Alliance with the Gates Carbon Belt drive system. It came in at under I0kg ready to ride, but without the racks –not bad for a tourer.

I have been extremely pleased with the assistance I received from Gabriel during my initial purchase planning-I had never ridden a Rohloff equipped bike before and was a bit wary., I was not sure of sizing etc, but Gabriel guided me through this as well and the correct size was obtained. I have received excellent “after sales service and advice” from the day I had the bike personally delivered.

   The bike itself -after  the stipulated ‘running in’  {unfortunately a factor with Rohloff equipped bikes, you have to do about 1000km before you can enjoy the internal gears}, has not given any trouble and has proven ‘bomb proof’ as far as I can tell. It is not the fasted bike in town but reliable and great for touring-my main aim when purchasing it. "


Frank Sadow





"The Zion 29er has a beautifully crafted frame that has the compliant,

springy feel of steel and the weight of carbon.  The result is a frame that

excels on road sections, fire trail and right through to moderately rough

single track. I can now pass in locations where I could never pass before

due to the amazing acceleration of the bike.  At its current weight of

9.85kg, long climbs at a good pace are not a problem for me any more."

Dave Hegerty



“I wanted something really different, a custom 29er Titanium Frame, Gates Belt Drive and Rohloff Speed Hub. Gabriel at Blue Globe Alliance, and the team at Van Nicholas made this happen. Pricing was very competitive, and for me, ultimately made this project possible. Gabriel was friendly, enthusiastic and helpful, …he kept me updated through the entire manufacture process. I am extremely pleased with the end result, it’s a perfect low maintenance, all terrain, all weather trail/endurance weapon. Thanks for making custom Titanium and European engineering a reality for the average weekend warrior in Australia”


Ben Vaughan


"After ordering my bike, I received prompt service from Gabriel at ‘Blue Globe’ the bike was delivered promptly and arrived in Perth in good order, final assembly was easily completed by myself with no issues whatsoever. Gabriel made sure that we were kept informed of the progress with the order throughout the process.

The bike itself is great to ride and is everything I expected and although I have only just started riding again after a short break I expect that the bike and I will travel together for many kilometres in the future.

Thanks to everyone in the Blue Globe team."

Hugh Beverage



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