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Ludwig XIV - 2011 EuroBike Award

Schindelhauer - "Quality not Quantity"

Bikes to conquer urban space



Schindelhauer Bikes represent urban sportiveness and timeless elegance you can fully trust in. In accordance with the motto “Pure pleasure riding a bicycle” our bikes are designed and made for tough everyday use.

Further- more, they are unique by means of bike technology. Above all they embody that purist style which enables them to be far more than simple means of transportation. Waiver of all superfluous details give Schindelhauer Bikes their unique and original character which is displayed to the last detail throughout the range of models.

Due to the long-lasting Gates Carbon DriveTM belt used, all Schindelhauer Bikes offer a number of outstanding properties: freedom from maintenance, durability and reliability. For this reason the drive heralds a new age throughout the urban cycling world. It is the icing on the cake on the timeless and minimalist Schindelhauer Bikes.

The young and young at heart will enjoy the pleasures and simplicity only available on a fixie and single speed. The ever silent Victor (Fixie) and Siegfried (Single Speed) is ideal companions for the person who enjoy the silence and purity that cycling provides.

Our 2 speed automatix gearbox in the ThinBikes will surpise you with its speed and agility, not to mention its practical flat design for storage. Handlebars that swivel 90 degrees and pedals that fold up and way to create a true thin bike.

Then there is the big brothers Ludwig VIII (8 Speed Alfine), Ludwig XI (11 Speed Alfine) & Ludwig XIV (14 Speed Rohloff) incorporating whisper quiet internal gears to move you clean and maintenance free to your destination in style.


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