Freedom Challenge

Do you consider yourself a real mountain biker?


Experience the freedom of riding your mountain bike unassisted with only maps and naratives to guide you through 2400 km of pure unspoiled mountain biking landscapes. 

Beware all "mountain bikers". This is really tough and anyone who considers taking this on will be left with a permanent scar on their soul forever!  


Are you up for it?


Download the latest article (at the bottom of the page) on the 2010 Freecdom Challenge in the Australian Mountain Bike.

If you are still interested, then download the preplist and decide if something like this is still for you.

For more information on taking on the Freedom Challenge contact us for advice, pricing and tips on traing and prepairing for this life changing event.

Follow the progress of the 2014 riders on Twitter or visit the Freeedom Challenge website and on Facebook.


2010 Video  

2011 Video

2013 Video









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