Freecross FAQs

Freecross FAQs

What is it?

Well, it was the brain child of a German inventor to take the Elliptical Cross Trainer you normally find in the Gym and combine it with a bicycle. It as aptly called the Mobile Elliptical Trainer (MET). Or as the saying go :” The Full Body Ride ”.

Where is it made?

The Freecross is designed and manufactured in Germany to ensure quality control.

How do you steer it?

Steering is done by simply leaning to the side that you want to turn to, almost like skiing.

Is it difficult to ride and balance on and will it fall over?

Being on 3 wheels, you don't really need to balance to stay upright and you really have to try hard to fall over once on the move. As soon as you start gaining speed and momentum the wheels will do the rest to keep you upright. 

Does it have gears and can I go up hills?

Yes, the Freecross comes with the Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal hub. Think of it as a bike with gears, where ever you can ride with your bike will be accomplished with the Freecross.

Do I need a helmet?

According to the law, YES. You are considered a bicycle and so need to wear one while riding the Freecross.

Who can ride it?

The is no limit to age or size. If you are able to reach the brakes and gears you'll be able to ride it. 

Where can I ride it and is it legal to ride on the road?

Basically, as it is considered a bicycle you are able to ride in the street and every where you are allowed to ride your bike.

Can I go off road?

Well, the Freecross was never designed to go off road. If you encounter a dirt patch or dirt road to ride on, it will most likely be able to handle it comfortably.

What is the weight limit?

The Freecross is more than capable to take the weight of two average adults, but just to be on the safe side we would recommend not exceeding 100kg. It is because if, for any reason and highly unlikely, both front disc breaks would fail you'll still be able to stop safely with the rear break. 

What maintenance is needed?

The Freecross was made with so much engineering & precision that very little maintenance is needed. In fact, all that is needed is a good clean every now and again with a soap, water and soft cloth. Then just lubricate the chain and wipe off excess oil. Check the tyre pressure and you'll be smiling all the way.Every moving part can be purchased at your local bike shop if you need to replace anything in the future.

How do I transport it?

The Freecross is able to fold down and fit in the back of your station wagon or back of the Ute. We do have a 3-rail bike rack made specifically for the Freecross that fits in the 40mm square tube tow bar that just slide in, just roll the Freecross on the 3 rails and securely strap it on to the rails. You do however need to get another number plate to attach on the back of the rack to make it legal.

Who will benefit from using it?

Anyone who want to get fit, loose weight or even rehabilitate an injury. Basically the Freecross crosses (no pun intended) so many sporting and fitness boundaries that it is difficult to pinpoint any specific area. With the Freecross you won't get hurt exercising, you'll get fit.


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