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  • Burn up to 1000+ KCAL an hour
  • 35% Higher Calorie burn rate = Weight loss & increased Fitness
  • Full body workout with low impact on joints
  • Great stability & core training
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • NO anatomical stress zones
  • Have some fun again while gliding down the road



  • Ideal for time strapped individuals
  • Weight loss and control
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Makes fitness fun for the whole family
  • Alternative cardio cross training
  • Personal Trainers / Group training



  • Brisbane 
  • Sat  : 5:30
  • Sun : 5:30
Please confirm freecross venue via email or SMS so as not to be without a bike. 



  • Introductory 20min test ride - $15 
  • 35 minute fun ride - $20 and your friend pays $10
  • 45 minute session - $25 and your friend pays $15
  • 1000KCal session - $30 and your friend pays $20 (same as a 2 x Big Mac's)
  • Bring your own helmet or hire one for $10


FreeCross bike

Standard features:

• Robust, lightweight aluminium frame
• Shimano Nexus internal 8 speed hub with grip shift and integrated Shimano roller brake (rear)
• Hydraulic disc brakes (front)
• Height adjustable arm levers for optimal grip position
• Bell integrated into brake lever
• Steering dampers for a smooth, stable ride (Patent Pending)
• Large, no-slip foot pedal/platform for optimal foot position
• Special crank length for optimal ergonomics
• Comfortable Big Apple balloon tires from Schwalbe
• Lightweight, aerodynamic front fairing
• Designer splash guards
• Chainglider chain protector
• Collapsible frame for easy transport


• Lighting system from Busch+Müller
• Stationary trainer from Elite


What are you waiting for, feel free to hit the road...

No need to head into the fitness studio on those beautiful days anymore. On bike trails or out on the open road, the Freecross lets you combine the full-body, elliptical workout with the fresh air and freedom of the outdoors.

Science of freecrossing

The results of the first Freecross study - conducted by the German Sports Univers Cologne under the direction of Professor Ingo Froböse – prove the effectives of freecrossing for boosting calorie burn, building endurance, strengthening muscles and providing a low impact workout for the joints. “Freecross is the perfect fitness machine for having fun and burning calories in a short amount of time,” sums up project head Felix Matthäi from the University’s Center for Health (Zentrum für Gesundheit). “The calorie burn is about 35% higher than biking, assuming the same velocity.” At the same time, the cyclical motion means reduced strain on joints, tendons and ligaments. The study also demonstrates that the full range of fitness enthusiasts – from beginners to high-performance athletes can benefit from Freecross’ fun and effective full body training.

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